The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Create your future by looking for problems to solve.


How does one become an entrepreneur? In fact, what is entrepreneurship? Is it a business card with the word CEO on it? Is it a downtown shop with your first name in it? Yes and yes, but entrepreneurship isn’t defined by your position in a company, I believe it’s a mindset that impacts every aspect of life, and should be implemented at every level of an organization to be successful in the 21st century.

The Breakdown:

Entrepreneurs don’t have special genetics, but they do have a special way of viewing the world, and that is through the lens of looking for problems and going about solving them. Problems are all over, and most people are more than willing to tell you their biggest frustrations, all you have to do is ask, and then create so much value that people will want to give you money. You don’t have to have the most experience or be the most qualified, you just have to have the best solution to a problem.

Too many entrepreneurs make their businesses about getting money from customers, when payment is just a by-product of a successful value-proposition. As soon as customers see your business as being about getting their money, you have made yourself a commodity and it’s a race to the bottom on offering a cheaper price than competitors.

And this concept works as an employee as well. If you see your paycheck as a license to do only what’s in your job description, if you don’t prove you can handle more by creating more value and finding more problems to solve, your boss won’t see you as someone to promote when there are new and bigger problems to solve. You limit your growth when you limit the value you create to what you’re currently paid for.

Entrepreneurship isn’t just a belief in yourself, although you have to at least be willing to try something new to succeed. It’s not just about who you know, although surrounding yourself with people who can encourage you is key to push through the obstacles. You can work hard being busy, but if you aren’t solving a problem no one will pay for your effort.

So go talk to someone who can afford to pay you, discover their problems, and facilitate the solution of their problem.

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