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Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Avoid Getting Ripped Off with These 5 Simple Questions

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The first thing to understand about SEO outsourcing is that no one can guarantee you a top spot in search results unless your site has been in existence for some time with SEO best practices, or if your site uses obscure keywords that don't have any competition because no one is searching for them. Google's SEO algorithm changes on average twice a day, so there is no magic formula to guarantee SEO success, but there are several best practices, such as continued, quality content creation (which we can help with).

If you don’t want to focus on SEO, here are 5 simple questions to ask as a litmus test in your process of qualifying companies to manage your SEO.

1. Question to ask: Can you help me understand the difference between on-page and off-page SEO?

Answer you want to hear: Without explaining the nuances of both, you want to hear them reference “meta-data” for on-page SEO, and “back-links” for off-page SEO. If you get a seemingly coherent response without those words referenced, ask about how meta-data and backlinks are a factor.

Answer to run away from: On-page refers to content on the front-end of your website, and off-page refers to back-end details of your site.

2. Question to ask: How much money will it cost to get me to the top of Google Search Results?

Answer you want to hear: Enough money to buy a time machine, because money isn’t the biggest factor, but amount of time using SEO best practices when it comes to SEO. You can’t pay Google enough to be at the top of search results (unless you’re paying for Google ads which appear before the organic search results, but Google ads are a different conversation). Like I said, if you use obscure keywords that no one else is using, you can likely get to the top of search results quickly for those keywords, but if no one searches using those words, they won’t find you.

Answer to run away from: With 4 easy installments of $999.99, we can put you at the top of search results next month.

3. Question to ask: What would get me kicked off of SERP’s?

Answer you want to hear: Search Engine Rating Percentage (SERP) can be negatively effected by back-links to link farms, links to non-reputable sites, etc. Look for a tangible answer.

Answer to run away from: What is a SERP?

4. Question to ask: How can we measure results in working together?

Answer you want to hear: Using Google Analytics, we will track your number of site visits, bounce rate percentages, impressions and engagement. Over time, based on results we have created for others, we are confident we can increase each of these factors by such and such percent.

Answer to run away from: Google changes their algorithm all the time, so we can’t guarantee results, but let’s see if your sales have grown 3 months from now and we will go from there.

5. Question to ask: How much do you charge?

Answer you want to hear: Prices vary based on how aggressively you want to pursue an SEO strategy.

Answer to run away from: We charge a flat fee of such and such. This most likely means that they are just planning on signing you up for an automated SEO account that doesn’t significantly impact your SEO.

SEO is like eating vegetables, you need to eat fresh vegetables on a regular basis, but it's not fun and most people don't know how exactly it helps. Unfortunately, you can't outsource your vegetable eating, but thankfully you can get help with SEO. We would love to start a conversation on how we can help HERE.