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What if I already have a domain name?

That's great! We can transfer your domain to your new site for free.

What if I don't like your design?

Fair question, but we're not rogue designers, we work with you through our entire process to learn what your goals for the site are and who you audience is so we can craft a site that will be most effective to engage your site visitors. Plus, collaboration is part of our process! We work with you through up to 2 variations to make your brand something you're proud of, but most clients just want a few minor tweaks done after the initial site creation.

What if I want to change the site after it's finished?

The internet changes quickly, and so does your business. Thankfully, we're pretty flexible too. With our site management services, we are available to make updates to your site within 48 hours of request.

Do you offer ongoing SEO and social media marketing services?

We do not. We specialize in website creation, and we set up your website with all the tools it needs to be found on Google and ranked according to your best keywords, but we don't guaratnee top Google search rankings, and we can recommend some great ongoing social media/SEO experts if you need it!

How do you set up my site for SEO?

Google's algorithm for which sites they place at the top of search results changes on average twice a day and is customized to predict what Google thinks each user is looking for based on their past searches, so there is no perfect solution to guarantee you will appear at the top every time, but there are best practices which we employ, such as:

  • Determining the best keywords to describe your business to Google based on Google Trends analytics of what words people are using to search for your industry
  • Using those keywords to describe the graphics in your site (Google "reads" the images if you put in metadata in the backend)
  • Implementing those keywords in the meta page descriptions (the paragraph and title you see about a website on Google search results before you click on the site)
  • Following best practices of proper character counts for Header tags (Google places more emphasis on some words on your site depending on how you characterize that text in the code of your site, and since Google reads your site so quickly they only read 'important' text that is a certain length

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